Subject: Thoughts
Posted on: 2023-01-12 03:30:12 UTC

  • The beginning mouse bit was good
  • Morphological field stabilizing ... do I detect a recent read of Nesh's back catalog here?
  • The "defies all logic and common sense" bit about RC numbers is very PPC
  • I feel bad for Buddy being confused by Tuesdays
  • Buddy: "Will there be weapons?" ... That is so PPC Agent
  • Weird that Buddy knew something about Buffy
  • ... the early 2000s were not that long ago. I insist they were not. Also, darn kids, get off my lawn forum
  • It's nice to see the mission pointing out good things about the fic
  • Everything is too darn loud is a mood
  • Personal conversations good
  • I wouldn't trust Buddy with shiny things either
    Peregrin: cuts into the review to give Buddy a shiny because screw the rules and also seeing what it does to his staying human-shaped
  • Father's feathers is a funny typo
  • Ouch on timeskip
  • How does Buddy know these things?
  • ... Ah, character-derailing OTP. I understand the title now
  • Huh. That's how Moira knows things, at least. Whoof on the sudden lust object appearance. Still doesn't explain Buddy though
  • ... right, I'd forgotten his backstory
  • Blank, that was harsh.
  • "Welcome to humanity. There's no certainty."
  • (But also Moira is having a heck of a time right now.)
  • The conversation with the Sue is a really nice bit
  • ... Moira, that was a understandable decision that's going to cause so much drama
  • It's nice to see the point that the premise could've worked

Overall, very fun read that's also a good exploration of the PPC as an organization and does a good job of being constructive.

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