Subject: My two cents
Posted on: 2023-05-16 22:16:08 UTC

I personally don't have a problem with anyone making their own flash patches for, e.g., personal use, as gifts, or as a "party favor" for a Gathering.

I'd feel a bit skeevy about anyone doing it for the purpose of profiting off other PPCers. Like... we're meant to be a community, not an untapped market. (Not to belabor that we're too small to be much of a market anyway.)

That said, if you're poor and need help covering shipping, we can all understand that; or, if you're fundraising for some other reason and want to throw in a custom design as an incentive to donate; or you take commissions generally and this is an extra option for PPCers; that could be okay. Maybe I'm splitting hairs, but I think intent matters.

But, the other issue is that people aren't always comfortable giving out their address to someone they've only met online. You'd have to have a certain amount of credibility to make it possible even to give things away for free. Not saying don't give it a try, but don't be surprised if you don't get (m)any takers.


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