Subject: Yeah, this.
Posted on: 2023-05-17 01:18:56 UTC

I mail out holiday cards to people, and that includes people on the Board, but those people are people I've known for a while. I've run fanzines that shipped out physical copies to people, but those were done in such large quantities (like over 600 of them) that I wouldn't have linked usernames and mailing addresses at all.

Intent definitely matters. The PPC's always had a vibe of hand-made stuff for me? Home-grown Gatherings instead of cons, handmade merch, everyone just contributing stuff for fun rather than profit, etc. That's why I'd prefer merch to be pay-for-production if not free, because adding profit to the equation just makes things incredibly fraught.

/definitely once turned the Board Game into an actual board game using clay and a canvas board. No I don't know where that's got to, it's probably in the box of middle school art projects at my mom's house...

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