Subject: Thank You.
Posted on: 2023-07-18 16:32:26 UTC

Hello Neshomeh. Thank you very kindly for your response. Unfortunately, it appears the aforementioned invite link was set to expire 12 hours after posting, and the time has already elapsed.

I eagerly await a new invite link.

As for the distasteful story (this is what I refer to as writing sample), it goes by the title "Oliver Wood is not a Transvestite." Written in 2003 circa January, the mission is still featured under the Harry Potter wiki page. As a long time ally of the LGBTQ community and friend of many trans people I find the language used in the story to be offensive. Reasons include (but aren't limited to); - The CAD device's inability to conceive Oliver is trans in the story, thus referring to them as "manfemalemanfemalebagelfish" (paraphrased) - Upon revealing Oliver is trans to the targeted mary sue character, she panics and expresses a desire to kill herself (I believe such language is part of the community blacklist?) - The characters, besides the intended assassination, also seek to "correct" Oliver being transgender by setting him back to male.

I am unsure the proper protocol for handling such things, but it is my hope that you will agree with me such a story should not continue to be endorsed by being linked on your wiki (or anywhere else it might be).

Thank you again for your time.

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