Subject: There is an easy fix here.
Posted on: 2023-07-18 17:22:33 UTC

First off, Smernathan, welcome to the Board, and thanks for flagging something you were concerned about! We can never improve things we haven't noticed.

Secondly, that's not a great PPC mission. Partly that's because it's very early, written only a year after the PPC was created. Partly it's because they latched onto one typo in the prologue and made it the centre of the story. Partly because it's just not that funny

Because I've just read it, and Oliver Wood was never meant to be trans. The badfic calls him "him" at every point - except a single typo in the prologue. It was the PPC writers who decided that meant Oliver was (physically transformed into) a girl throughout. "Transvestite" is used to mean a girl wearing boys' clothing, not someone who is transgender.

But it's a really obnoxious title in this day and age. Nesh, the mission is on your archive: do you think we can just change it to "Oliver Wood is Not a Girl"? Because, like... he's not, and the badfic writer never intended him to be. (There's also a single "transvestite" in the fic which can be swapped out the same way, though that might be more controversial.)

It still won't be a great mission, and the humour they found in "haha the Suvian is accidentally kissing a girl" isn't terribly entertaining, but at least it will be less obnoxious and more forgettable.

(One note: the Blacklist is for the Discord; it doesn't extend to missions and other writing. Similarly, the PG-13 rating of the Board doesn't apply to missions, extremely so in some cases.)


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