Subject: A happy birthday to Kaitlyn (complete with Birthday Story)!
Posted on: 2019-10-25 15:58:28 UTC

Somehow - somehow - my very lovely wife, and our very own Ancientest Of Ancientbies, Kaitlyn, has reached thirty years old today. She's been in the PPC for significantly over half of that, right from the start back in (probably) 2002, and it doesn't seem right to let the day pass without announcing it. So: happy birthday, Kaitlyn. Here's to many more.

I also have a present for you all! Written for Kaitlyn, but shared with all of you, this technically contains spoilers for the last 'Driftwood' mission, but I wouldn't worry about that. I hope you will enjoy the irreverent, indulgent, and in-jokerrific tale that is:

By Any Other Name

This is of course canon to the (/my version of the) PPC, so any comments are more than welcome. :) (Or, to put it more concisely, 'plz r&r!')


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