Subject: Happy birthday, Kaitlyn!
Posted on: 2019-10-29 02:27:59 UTC

Gosh, I didn’t realize real!Kaitlyn was younger than me. She's always been such a fixture here, I still feel like her junior around these parts! Of course, she has been in the PPC much longer than me, so she’s at least Boarder-older, at any rate.

By Any Other Name

Oh, this is a cool story! I love seeing a character through various points in time, with all the different events and periods and stories you worked together to create a history for Agent Kaitlyn. And of course, I loved the sheer number of cameos you worked into this story. Made it wonderful to read!

Ooof. Lorraine did not win my sympathies at all, yanking a book away from her tiny daughter, and later challenging her ability to read. I’m glad that she got written out of the story, though I also feel bad for “Auntie Lee” and her child. I hope they did all right. And maybe we’ll see Kaitlyn’s little cousin find his way to HQ someday?

I love the idea of Kaitlyn being so excited to visit Middle-earth that she gets herself signed up for OFUM without realizing what kind of school it is especially hilarious. Much confusion on all sides! And I love that Kaitlyn wound up inspiring some of her classmates to work in HQ afterwards. She really is good at making friends!

Interesting to see a character start out appearing as a protagonist, but then fall in with the Black Cats. It’s always nice to get the perspective of low-ranking members of a villain’s team, to see why they’ve chosen the side they’re on. Did Isobel patch that footage through in the hopes of finding her PPC friends? Or did the Ghost relay Isobel’s footage through for some purpose?

The party scene, and the big reunion at the end, is just really wonderful. I can’t imagine what that would feel like, having so many old friends reappear in the same place like that . . .

Go Go Canon Rangers

Yes, with a culture based around fanfiction, I can see the media in HQ start to, shall we say, “emulate” actual agents. So I like the idea that missions inevitably end up inspiring long-running series that ultimately aren’t based on true events any more.

I can tell a lot of work went into those drawings, with all the detail in the Ranger suits and the Zords. You’ve even made the Megazords look reasonably like they fit together the way one would expect, which is impressive!

—doctorlit, very pleased to have read

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