Subject: Driftwood mission plug! [LotR, <5K words, no warning]
Posted on: 2019-10-11 13:14:00 UTC

It's only been a little over a month since I last published a mission; that's blisteringly fast for me these days. :)

There Is Another

In which obsolete technology and a mini-Balrog's heir make their appearances, and a Big Reveal is made which will Change The Face Of The Series FoReVeR!!! (or not)

I've taken the Author's Note as an opportunity to briefly discuss the process of writing the mission. It's probably a little overblown, but a few people have expressed interest, so I figured why not?

All comments, reviews, and concrit are welcome, but if you don't have the energy for that (I totally sympathise), just a note to say you're reading would be greatly appreciated. If for some reason you want to leave a more permanent review, the mission is also up on the Pit.


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