Subject: Re: interlude
Posted on: 2019-11-04 00:11:22 UTC

Oh my, tech stuff. I don't understand the specifics of the computer language of course, but I think you at least laid it out clearly enough that I still understood what the computers were "saying" as the shut-down rolled out. Being time-stamped also gives a direct sense of the relative timing of the story, and how quickly the failures started to eat through the network. I also appreciate all the details you put into the physical composition of the machines, since the only part of computers I understand well is the outside part. It's interesting to think of all the different parts that would need to be linked together to make a system like the one in Headquarters function. I especially enjoyed the detail of a Somebody Else's Problem field blocking World One from noticing all the data being consumed by New Caledonia, a detail I had never thought about before. Oh, and the wiki, of course! I love that their wiki is a paper book, unlike ours!

You did a great job of making DoSAT (and HQ in general, really) feel heavily staffed, with the variety of reactions shown by the techs and agents in response to the outage. Once I finally get caught up on my spin-off better, I'll definitely have my agents participate.

—doctorlit, presented with electronic thoughts

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