Subject: Thanks!
Posted on: 2019-11-04 01:29:20 UTC

And you're right about all the parts that need to be tossed together to make HQ have something vaguely resembling a functioning computer network, especially since the only way to get enough stuff without massively breaking cover is to cobble things from all over the multiverse together. DoSAT is managing to hold the critical bits together reasonably well, but things would be in a much better state if people stopped coming about broken CADs every five seconds and taking up everyone's valuable time. That is to say, the department is as staffed as it needs to be to make everyone else's spinoffs funny.

It's also nice to hear that I did a good job with various details, including the physical layout of the computers and the SEP field bit.

I'm not sure how you got the impression the wiki is on paper though? There was a machine in the lab Technician!me had to connect up to to get to the thing.

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