Subject: Thanks!
Posted on: 2019-11-14 06:54:20 UTC

eeeee hS liked my story eeeeee!

I, uh, completely forgot about people living on-network. So, potential solutions:

  1. Folks like Holo-Acacia probably have their long-term memory on a disk somewhere, and those were untouched. So, worst case, they've forgotten the pile of infovore-related panic and possible a few minutes previous to that, and thus woke up afterwards going "Wha' happened?"

  2. Chase scene? Chase scene! Especially the sort where the monster is behind most of the doors you open and you're desperately trying to get away from the thing. The background is inevitably somehow Yakety Sax [microsecond remix].

  3. A miracle occurs, and everyone safely made it to the lab before getting munched on.

  4. Massive piles of handwave, up to and including "it was all just a dream"

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