Subject: Good mission!
Posted on: 2020-01-02 03:49:24 UTC

The description of the badfic's atmosphere when the agents first go in helps make the experience feel real.

As for some other moments: to me, this misssion gives less of a feeling the agents are detached from the situation and more like the agents are actually at the scene. For example, when they had to run to make sure the canons didn't see them. (I edited this since I misremembered what actually happened in the mission. Sorry)

"So she skimmed. And kept skimming. And kept skimming." This sentence conveys the frustration really well.

When the Suvians were about to get charged, I like how Spoiler

Also, I find the way the Vulpix acted to be adorable.

Anyway, the mission is very nice to read!

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