Subject: I keep forgetting the anime is even a thing . . .
Posted on: 2020-01-06 20:23:34 UTC

I haven't paid attention to much beyond the games for years. Oops!

And as for Physic . . .

A portal opened in a corridor in HQ, just outside the Mini Adoption Agency. Out of it issued both a mini-Missingno, ushered in by Chenille, and the sounds of Liz angrily berating the fic that had produced the mini. The portal closed, cutting off the agent's tirade, leaving Physic alone in the hallway.

Physic was a cluster of jumbled computer coding suspended in midair. The 8-bit squares in black, red and yellow jerked back and forth every few seconds, scrambling before settling back into place. It felt uncomfortable in this hallway; the dimensions didn't feel right at all. Time and space and other factors grated against each other in unnatural ways. In short, there was a problem . . . with the physics.

Having no other options to consider, it floated towards the open doorway before it. Perhaps things would feel better in there . . .

But instead, they felt rather sticky. The doorway was covered in fine strands like an Ariados's webbing, which easily snared the floating particles that composed Physic's form. It felt itself being dragged backwards, away from the Adoption Agency door, through a different doorway on the opposite wall.

"We caughts one, yesssss," hissed a voice from somewhere in the darkness.

"Finally," said a deeper voice from behind Physic. The door promptly closed, making the darkness total. Not that Physic needed light to see; photons were only one property of reality, and after all, Physic had no eyes to begin with. The creature behind was human-looking, though small. A fellow mini. The creature above, dangling the silk webbing, was indeed like a furry, brown Ariados. Larger, yet a mini as well.

The human mini spoke again, his eyes flicking up and down the soft glow of Physic's body. "Computer coding. Huh. Do you speak, friend?"

"Of course speak." Physic's voice was garbled, like it was playing through outdated speakers. "We outside world. Rules different. Rules . . ." Its body convulsed, flipping back and forth until the webbing lost its hold on Physic's body. ". . . no hold us."

Midguard grinned. "Those happen to be my thoughts, exactly . . ."

The Avengers Minitiative

coming May 1, 2015

—doctorlit links to part one to avoid confusing newbies

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