Subject: Congrats on your first mission!
Posted on: 2020-01-08 20:26:47 UTC

You sure picked a badfic for your first one, I see. (Oof, that one-hour dress...) I like your riffing on the fic a lot, and I love Maryanne's recruitment, especially the bit about fixing her name with Logicillin. Also, Avery speaking with underlines made me laugh.

The Sue playing a Sueish character in the TV show, though, that one's just making my eyes cross. Sue squared? Sueception?

I also noticed you'd made a typo. When Liz shows up at the RC, the description of her clothes as "japanese" should be capitalized.

Good work overall, though! It made a fun intro for your agents and your recruits. I'm excited to see where you take Maryanne's character in the future.

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