Subject: Re: mission
Posted on: 2020-01-09 12:54:28 UTC

I didn't entirely understand all the details of how the superpowers in this canon work, but I still followed along with the idea that Marcy was misusing those qualities, which is the main thing for a mission to show. I also liked that the agents seemed to be getting along at the outset, until Avery revealed their spooky power. I look forward to learning more about their ability, and seeing how it affects their relationship with Liz.

Miraculous typos:

"Liz had barely swing the backpack off her shoulders before the console let out an ear-piercing . . ."

"', not really, but I’ve got to try.'"
Even though this sentence opens with an ellipsis, the "n" at the start still gets capitalized.

"'Put this in the RC, and get Maryanne to held carry things.'"

Also, I'm not clear on why "Miraculous's" became a mini? Since Miraculous seems to be a proper noun in this continuum, then using it in the possessive sense should add an apostrophe-"s" just like with a name like James/James's. Unless we've just grown up with different grammar rules on that topic?

—doctorlit, miraculous reviewer

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