Subject: Daily Pernese Fire Lizard generator
Posted on: 2020-05-02 19:43:45 UTC

(The blame for this goes entirely to Neshomeh and Iximaz for mentioning it, and to Agent Lou for badgering me.)

Have you ever wanted to be greeted every day by a shoulder-sized dragon? Of course you have! Who wouldn't? And now, thanks to the magic of technology+art, you can!

Fire Lizard Generator

... probably. If you use Google Chrome, you can. If you use Firefox, you probably can. If you use Microsoft Edge and have updated to the new version since January, you can. If you use older versions of Edge, or Internet Explorer, you still can... but you'll lose some of the effect. (Specifically, all the fire lizards will be blue with blue eyes, because HTML canvas filters aren't supported on older Microsoft browsers.) If you use something else, I would love to hear whether it works for you!

As an added bonus, if you type in a name, the generator will show you the fire lizard that name belongs to! Try some of the PPC's resident fire lizards, or invent your own! You can even share the best ones you find - the same name will always produce the same result. (For the record, gold and green fire lizards are female, bronze, brown, and blue are male. The generator can't tell what you're aiming for with a name, though - sorry!)

Technical types - if there's anything you think could be improved, please let me know! Getting the canvases to align right on both PC and mobile has been a pain in the elbows, and I'm really disappointed that the filters mean I can't put everything on the same canvas and make it right-click saveable...


PS: Oh... and check out Beauty and Zair while you're there. :)

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