Subject: You are most welcome. :D
Posted on: 2020-05-03 07:52:01 UTC

So what's the canonicity problem? The designs are based on the two main UK cover dragon designs - we got the very smooth version for the later books, but the earlier ones come with wing + head frills and outright holes in the wings (plus beaker mouths). Actually, the earliest covers are just sort of covered in streamers; I decided that was a bit too out there.

If there's an issue with anything other than that, I can probably fix it!

I'm happy to take requests for hard-coded colours - that's all I've done for the other named flizards (yes, Zair naturally comes out singing, it's adorable!). I'll pop Greenie in later today. So far I've done every PPC fire lizard on the Wiki, and every Canon fire lizard on a Pern wiki (forget which).

Along the way, I have marvelled yet again at the time Anne decided nine fire lizards just wasn't enough - she needed to give Menolly a tenth off-screen, and do nothing with him ever.


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