Subject: Ohhh, I get it.
Posted on: 2020-05-03 14:54:14 UTC

Didn't realize you were basing the designs on the covers. They're not actually described with most of that ornamentation. ^_^; They do have dorsal ridges (less prominent between the wings), forked tails and tongues, and head knobs, like dragons; the head knobs are less pronounced than dragons'.

Taking the excuse to pull out the good ol' Dragonlover's Guide, it says original-model fire-lizards had tridactyl front paws in a pincer configuration best suited for catching fish. Kitty Ping altered them to have pentadactyl "hands" (as the dragons would go on to have), supposedly making it easier for them to go for land prey, too. (I guess the back paws still have just three toes, though? The book says real toes, not claws, but I don't know what they're getting at with that; they're definitely equipped with claws, since people wear shoulder pads to protect themselves from said claws!) Also, the head knobs became slightly more pronounced, the noses became flatter (the original models had blunt {i.e. not wedge-shaped?} faces), and they became leaner but slightly larger overall.

You asked. ^_^; But I don't think removing variety is any fun at all, plus now I know they're based on official if wrong art, so I'll put Agent!Me back in the closet now. {= )

Two requests, then: back in my RP days, Jenni had a pair. Cain was a brown, and Jaythe was... well, she was silver, because we had some non-canon colors. >.> The explanation was a retrovirus that altered the genome, if it helps. Silvers were females almost on par with golds, generally smaller; the dragons would choose to either clutch or flame... but a light green would do very well instead, I think!

I haven't even thought about trying to generate one for myself, now. How the heck am I supposed to come up with a good name when I don't know who it's going to belong to? ^_^


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