Subject: That's allll on the software.
Posted on: 2020-05-03 13:50:00 UTC

All I've hardcoded for the PPC fire lizards is the colour - everything else is randomly generated.

I've just been trying to get the program to tell you what sort of name you'd have to put in to see the daily dragonlet again. It turns out, uh... you can't. It works by adding the value of the name's letters together to make a random seed; Zora is seeded with 444, for instance. For the daily dragon, the lowest seed that you could use to replicate today's dragon is, um... 815716.

That means the shortest name you could starts with a string of over 1500 Zs. Maybe not, then?

It gets slightly better if you don't care about eye colour and background, but today's dragonlet still needs a name 10x longer than the text box will allow. So we won't be doing that, then...!


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