Subject: What about absurdly tall ears?
Posted on: 2020-05-14 05:15:34 UTC

World of Warcraft, I'm looking at you. There's no way those actually make them hear better, so what gives? Do elves find tall, pointy ears so attractive that they've self-selected for even taller and even pointier ears over the generations? (I know that's true of long, fabulous hair in the Tolkienverse! {= D )

What about glowing eyes? (Or molten orbs, or bright lamps, or whatever the urple synonym du jour is.) Do they somehow help with the telescoping thing?

Turning in another direction, something I noticed when learning about old-school fae elves (the kind that will either fix your shoes or steal your babies depending on whether you remembered to leave them a dish of milk or not) is that you always find them on the other side of the water. It doesn't matter where here is; they're always over there, and you have to cross the water to get to fairyland. It goes right up to Tolkien elves, too. Every Elvish settlement I can think of is bounded by water, and I guarantee that's no accident on Tolkien's part. I'm sure it's symbolic, and also it's a good plan for a settlement to have a source of fresh water plus more easily defended borders, but if you want to over-analyze elf traits, that seems like a fun one. ^_^

And, of course, the classic erotic fanfiction example is that elven posteriors are self-lubricating. Of course. Because reasons. Make of THAT what you will.


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