Subject: Did someone light the DAS-sign?
Posted on: 2020-07-29 08:01:44 UTC

(No, not DAS-SIGN - the Symbolism and Ideogram Generation divisioN never got off the ground.)

I think it would be - hroom - hasty to assume all of DAS use the same units. I'm sure the Thistle would like them to, but the Flowering Leek refuses to restrain the Physical Sciences in that way.

Norlossë & Huinesoron - Quenya units. Length is measured in rangar (approximately yards) and lári (leagues, ca. 3 miles). Time is the (day, 24h; I think the plural is ri), but also the yén (144 years). For weight... I think they'd use the Quenya translation of the Gondorian coin mirian, which might be mírim; in other words, the weight of a silver penny.

Maria Celeste - Renaissance Florentine units, which per this page are the braccio (arm), libbra (pound), moggio (sack), and boccale (barrel).

Aleksei, Mandy, Wei-Ting, Dr. Niamh, Yasmeen - Metric, though the definitions Aleksei uses have shifted a fair bit.

Ned - tends to avoid units and work in music.

Alembic, Penny - Ankh-Morpork Customary Units, which frankly probably correlate 1:1 with:

Joan - Imperial units (which have the same names, but different definitions, to US customary units).

Sunniva, Laduquac - Eclectic units from their own cultures which they've never provided translation tables for.

Atlas, Durand - For various reasons, don't really understand the concept of 'units'.

And no, nobody uses US customary units. The Thistle wouldn't, either - his first scientists under the DMSE&R were Vemi (thought she was Welsh), Penny (English), and Dr. Niamh (Irish, except when she's Vietnamese). Not that I'd put it past V&P to use all sorts of daft units just to troll their boss...


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