Subject: It was an All-Write!
Posted on: 2020-09-23 02:36:56 UTC

I called another All-Write on the Discord, in the interest of getting those restarted! The prompt was “A thwarting? Now? But I was just-”, and several people wrote several deeply amusing pieces. We're putting them here, so additional participants can leave feedback - part of the point of the exercise is practicing giving, and receiving, concrit.

In no particular order!

Stream of Consciousness (bl1 if you squint even slightly), by FourMoonsWatching. Content warning: Significant discussions of suicidality. Falloren continues to be angsty.

Office Hours, by Calliope. A continuation of her delightful series about a slightly demonic corporation.

Off the Clock, by Thoth. Just about the closest to the prompt that I had in mind - it's about villains and how rude it is to interrupt them.

Hellhound, by Cicada. Also warnings for suicidality, and one of the coolest depictions of magic I've seen in a while.

Unnecessary Heroics, by Delta Juliette. In which a pair of retired protagonists find new reasons to be tired.

Forced Beginnings, by Silv. New beginnings are hard, some times.

Last Mile, by Tomash. Adventures in outer space get a little bit hair-raising.

A thwarting? Now?, by The Foolish Maker of Worlds. I'm fond of the protagonist and her perspective!

How To Run Someone's Day, by Literature's Hanafuda. The only directly PPC entry in today's series!

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