Subject: In that case, how would one cosplay as GeniusGamer? {= D (Includes How to Cosplay as Neshomeh)
Posted on: 2020-10-31 19:06:23 UTC

A Neshomeh currently has long hair, because it hasn't been cut since two summers before the pandemic. It's kept under control in a ponytail and/or under one of those neat bandanas that accordion open, with an elastic band sewn in. Glasses non-optional.

Pick a long-sleeved shirt and wear over it a sweater that won't embarrass you at work even if it's 10+ years old, which it probably is. Knits are good. Fuzzy is good. Shirt/sweater colors should be neutral or natural tones. Brighter tones are fine as long as they don't look artificial. Especially avoid bright pinks, purples, and oranges. If there is a design, it shouldn't be too loud or busy. Organic and asymmetrical are good. Items should be of the correct size, not too tight or too baggy. A Neshomeh is not "fashionable," but dresses to feel comfortable, confident, and authentic.

Pants should be decent black or gray denim or slacks. Belt optional (because sometimes when the pants are the right length, the waist is too wide); rolled cuffs optional (because sometimes the waist is right and the length is wrong). Shoes are black; dark green suede boots optional in foul weather.

Accessories include: white-gold wedding band; bracelet, stainless steel, "Not all who wander are lost" [sic]; optional necklace, preferably dragon pendant, otherwise something small and maybe a bit artsy.

Non-optional: wear a mask if you're going near people (which you should be doing anyway).

And that is how a Neshomeh do. [/ZeFrank voice]


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