Subject: By sheer coincidence...
Posted on: 2020-11-01 18:06:45 UTC

...I accidentally cosplayed as a religious married woman a couple days earlier (mostly by going "oh, huh, this would look like...nope, don't care, this is what I'm wearing I don't care today if someone looks at my clothes and think they mean something other than practicality" and then later joking that it was totally my costume for a holiday my past relationship to which it's taking me far too long to try to describe. Essentially, I've occasionally treated it as a secular holiday? An excuse to have fun dressing up and eating candy, generally with friends and mostly when I was younger? It's kind of weird to pick apart, honestly, especially since this year my only exposure to it has been through social media and that one moment of joking a few days ago.

However, should you wish to dress like a semi-accidentally married!religious!Zing, get a black shirt with long sleeves and a neckline that falls right around the collarbones but won't choke you, a long grey skirt (a bit above ankle length, I think?), and tie a bandana (folded into a triangle) around your head (any color, pretty much, though darker may be better). Oh, and an overshirt in a solid pastel color around your waist, for future warmth. Behold, how to stay warm, plan for an even cooler evening, and keep your hair completely out of your face!

Bonus: how not to care if people are going to assume your marital status based on what you're wearing? Avoid crowds (a thing to be doing anyway), don't be planning to go around people you know (walk partner(s) excepted, and preferably people who will just be amused), and just plain be tired. That helps.

Oh, and wear a bloody mask, unless there's a reason why you can't, in which case please consider an alternative like a face shield. Pull it up if you happen to have pulled it down and someone is passing you or you're passing by someone, especially if you're, say, talking loudly with your equally maskless friend. This is less how not to care and more part of the costume+a PSA, but just--just--wear your masks (or alternatives) properly as much as possible, okay? For your safety and others'? It's the law where I am, you see, and I've still spent the past ~7 months seeing people Not Do The Thing and rarely being in a position to say anything. So here I am, lightly venting to you all about it :P

To those who celebrated, I hope you had an enjoyable time!


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