Subject: cosplay as doctorlit!
Posted on: 2020-11-02 23:18:52 UTC

doctorlit buzzcuts his hair, for minimal hair maintenance. A straw hat to ward against the sun may be worn.

Shirt is very nearly always collared, like a proper former student of a prep school. No logos or fandoms or other images suggesting an allegiance! doctorlit does not exist to be a walking advertisement, and revealing fandoms or former schools or whatnot is only inviting unwanted conversation. Patterns or solid colors only, but nothing too bright or attention-grabbing. Dark forest greens and dark blues are ideal.

Shorts must be cargo shorts, with many pockets, precious, for carrying many things, and deep pockets, precious, yesssss, to fit novels and the Nintendo 3DS, for we must always have our fictions, precious, yesssss . . . Mostly browns/khakis here, with some blue. doctorlit never wears pants, even in winter, for they restrict the bending of the knees and reduce the Dexterity stat, the most critical stat for a doctorlit.

Shoes are preferably flip-flops on a doctorlit. They are called flip-flops, and not thongs, regardless of what any Larfen J. Stocke might tell you. Larfen J. Stocke? More like Lyin' J. Mocke! If close-toed shoes are necessary for the protecting of feets, the shoes are probably quite worn out. The socks must be tall socks, and not the tiny booty socks that are popular among men nowadays. They should reach about ten inches above the ankle, and be kept straight and unwrinkled all day, because that is the only way in which socks are comfortable.

—a doctorlit cosplay

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