Subject: *jumps on bandwagon* How To Cosplay As A Cicada
Posted on: 2020-11-02 07:54:33 UTC

A Cicada's hair can be quite varied, depending on how recently she's shaved it, from a faint haze of stubble to a light fuzz to a floofy crown that's perilously close to anime hair. However, Cicada dearly values her sideburns, so those should always be present. Glasses are encouraged, although fiddling with them is very true to the Cicada style.

Shirts are of a variety of colors, although black is quite common. Designs of fantasy creatures are welcome, nerdy slogans work well, and artsy designs are also favored. Shirts are usually baggy and loose. Shorts are also loose athletic men's shorts selected due to their large pockets, length, and looseness. Pockets often contain: Wallet, phone, a few cough drops just in case, a pencil, a list of things that need to be done, a pair of earbuds in case emergency music is called for, another pencil just in case the first one gets lost, a few kleenexes, and a spare mask.

Long socks are optional, though if included should have a pattern or design rather than being of the stripy variety. A Cicada typically wears whatever sneakers she hasn't worn through (or whatever sneakers she has worn through but has failed to replace) but will not balk at wearing sandals with her socks.

Cicada hats include: a grey trilby with a couple of neat-looking pins on the hatband, a black bowler, a large black felt hat with an ornate ribbon, and a black messenger's cap covered in cat hair (not all at once unless you're aiming for the rare Cicada Hat-Stack Variant).

And, of course, a mask is essential when going near people.

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