Subject: [NSFW] A rather annoying trend in Japanese smut fics
Posted on: 2021-01-02 12:51:56 UTC

Bad and good sex scenes exist in Japanese fanfics, but there's this one pet peeve that I observe much more frequently in Japanese fics than in ones written in English – while bad English smut is often characterized by weird things going on in the narration, bad Japanese smut is mostly in the dialogue, with many authors' just spamming crying noises, especially badly spelled and punctuated ones, in place of actually describing the acts. Think overly extended vowels (aaaaaah), ellipsis abuse, glottal stop abuse (strings of っっっ or ッッッ – how the heck do you extend a glottal stop?), long vowel mark abuse (strings of ーーー, especially after anything other than katakana or after a friggin' glottal stop), liberal sprinkling of the dakuten mark, especially after vowels and consonants that can't be voiced (think あ゛あ゛あ゛), and – this is my favorite – actual use of special symbols (heart marks in dialogues, I kid you not), coupled with annoying frequency in a single scene. All these goofs make the scene ridiculous very quickly, and can take all the unironic enjoyment out of an otherwise well-written sex sequence.

(To be continued)

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