Subject: Oh my gosh.
Posted on: 2021-01-11 17:46:52 UTC

Maybe it'd be its own category? Images?

Either way, I like that idea.

...I also like the thought of, say, an agent who either doesn't come from a time with wide-spread writing or is just really resistant to the idea of English and/or Arabic numbers (the latter exist, while the former might be better for this) and decides to, I don't know, live at the Sign of the Sheep. By which I mean there is definitely a sheep painted on the door or the wall next to it. Quite possibly over the original sign, at that.

Wait, no, I do not need to come up with a brand new agent just to--okay, yeah, guys, this is officially potential background stuff now. Whoops? If you ever see a quick reference to a former neighbor or partner who lives at the Sign of the Sheep, aka that-RC-which-was-once-RC-299-probably, you'll know where it came from: three minutes of increasingly solid musing about RCs labeled like medieval-esque inns/pubs/taverns.

ETA: I think this might be Dawn's former partner in the Department of Misplaced Flora and Fauna. Dawn McKenna used to live at the Sign of the Sheep. Her former partner likely still does. This, uh, explains a lot and fits perfectly. Also came together scarily quickly. Hooray for suddenly fleshing out backstory details!

ETA 2: I have now looked more closely at the DMFF flashpatch. It is an urple sheep. Uh.

I did not do this on purpose, I swear. I haven't even looked at that page in a very long time.

...I also have a feeling that, if it stays a sheep, the agent probably not only painted the sign themselves but also copied it from the flashpatch because it was a handy reference and right there on their sleeve. They probably didn't go as far as painting it urple, though.


PS: Re: emojis, a, someone should absolutely go for that. B, consider making it a tiny image on the wiki somehow? And possibly the same in missions/interludes? That way it'll both be visible to everyone and won't change appearance depending on the device.

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