Subject: I mean, technically, emoji are numbers?
Posted on: 2021-01-11 19:27:27 UTC

See, thanks to Ki no Shirayuki using them on the Board and utterly baffling me as to how they were using images that looked exactly the same in the source code rather than being represented by an image URL, I recently learned that you can do emoji on devices other than phones, because Unicode has incorporated a whole ton of them as special characters. This means they each have a few designated numerical values. For instance, the ewe: 🐑

  • Its codepoint is U+1f411
  • Its Alt code is Alt+1f411
  • Its HTML decimal code is 🐑

Either 1f411 or 128017 would be viable RC numbers and also plausibly represented as RC 🐑

Trivia: my agents' RCs would be the following in Alt or HTML decimal or HTML hex:

  • RC 999: τ or ϧ or ঙ
  • RC 1110: V or і or ᄐ
  • RC C-14 (entered as c14): ♫ or c14; (entered as &#31c14; because &#c14; didn't work at all) or ఔ

But I like the music note. Very appropriate for the character. ^_^ I'm sad I don't recognize any of the other characters except for RC 1110's very boring Roman letters, though.


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