Subject: Some expansions & suggestions.
Posted on: 2021-02-18 09:10:58 UTC

If you haven't run into it yet, it's possible to publish Google Documents, which strips out any identifying information (like this), so in the unlikely event that your only issue with them is that your name is attached, there's that.

If you wanted to create your own website (I will join Nesh in plugging Neocities), you can actually make a very simple one with no in-depth HTML at all. This:


<a href="a_page.html">Link to a page</a>

This is the text of a mission.


And this is some more text after a line break.


Will give you a white page with left-formatted text, and a link to wherever you put in. It also has the advantage of making the techies scream whenever they see it. ^_^

I know a few people have posted missions to Tumblr, but can offer no advice on that. Blogspot allows you to create a permanent sidebar, which would meet your disclaimer requirement.

And of course there's always Rumours of them kicking off PPC missions on sight have been greatly exaggerated; Kaitlyn and Selene have been stable for seven? years. And posting to an actual fanfic site means the possibility of drawing in new readers to the community...


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