Subject: Privacy from search engines isn't "make it or break it" for m, but it will make me look a bit closer
Posted on: 2021-02-19 00:03:49 UTC

I'll probably do some digging, make a website using that, fiddle with HTML, make me not scream, and fiddle some more.

All in all, though, privacy from search engines isn't something that'll make me not use a blog or Neocities it's just that I am used to it for blogs at the very least (I had a blog in school... 6th or 8th grade? with that enabled).

That's what my mind thinks of in terms of a separate webpage hosting PPC missions: as blogs, for some reason.

No I shall do some info diving.

Kittyauthor, who just remembered they really, really need to at least post a CPP interlude and fetch the logo to post sometime.

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