Subject: In that case...
Posted on: 2021-02-18 15:08:38 UTC

Start learning here! W3Schools has been my friend for many, many years, and they will help you avoid making the techies scream. Heck, even I cringed at the lack of <p>paragraph</p> tags in hS's example. ^_~

To answer your question to me below, I'd say HTML is pretty simple. Each tag tells a browser what sort of thing it's about to read. "This is a paragraph," for instance; "this is a link"; "this is a header"; "this is an image"; and so forth. And the closing tags tell the browser when the thing stops being that thing.

CSS is a little trickier, but it goes hand in glove with HTML. That's how you tell the browser how a certain type of thing should look. At the very least, you'll want to know how to do inline styling like <span style="font-family:comic sans; font-weight:bold; color:darkgreen;">the style of the text inside this tag is Comic Sans MS, bold, and dark green</span> which you can add to most HTML tags. CSS is also how to position blocks of text on the screen if you want to do anything more complex than a single column of text with links and top and bottom.

But, start with HTML. {= )

If you have any questions that W3Schools can't answer, you're out of luck I can try to help, as long as it's not much more in-depth than "how did you do X thing?" Oh, and know that the "View page source" option when you right-click on a webpage is your friend. That will let you take a look at how other people (like me and hS) have done things on our sites. If you see a bit of code you like, steal it! It's a fine old Internet tradition. ^_^


Edit: I noticed that the Board doesn't seem to support font-weight or font-style. Dunno why. Tomash?

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