Subject: Tag clouds don't necessarily bother me.
Posted on: 2021-02-18 10:24:04 UTC

But given the fact that the tone of my writings varies pretty wildly between fluff, and... er... some rather more interesting things means that I'd have to do some serious organizing if I want to migrate to AO3. Not that that's necessarily a problem. It might be the best option I have if I don't want to stay at Dreamwidth, after all. It's just that the idea of hosting PPC stories at a fanfiction site kind of gives me a weird feeling? I don't think AO3 has policies against it, per se, but non-PPCers finding my stories there isn't necessarily something I want to happen. Darn me being so picky with my hosting options... I might take a stab at learning HTML in my free time after all so I can create a more personal space for this kind of stuff. Would you say it's difficult?

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