Subject: If you can get a sample, DAS-SWEAR would be very interested.
Posted on: 2021-03-17 08:37:40 UTC

Though they might wind up fighting with DAS-DIG over it. We know that glitter is a mica-like mineral, and coming from a Vulcan it would have to be copper-based (also accounting for the green colour) - but there are no known copper-based phyllosilicates! In fact there is only one copper-based silicate mineral, period: papagoite, which is blue.

Agent Huinesoron tells me that not only would a new mineral be "tremendously exciting", but if they could work with the chemists to figure out the conditions needed to form it, they may be able to finally trace the original Suvian homeworld. "And then," he says, with a light in his eyes, "we can finally deal with their scourge once and for all."

I worry about that boy sometimes...


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