Subject: (Can't add to the roleplay, but I can contribute to the discussion of World One agent backstory!)
Posted on: 2021-03-20 19:25:23 UTC

Tanner's is actually incorporated into his character arc – ur wbvarq gur CCP gb uryc uvf snzvyl znxr raqf zrrg, ohg ur bayl gbyq uvf cneragf gung vg jnf na "vzcbegnag wbo sbe vagreangvbany frphevgl," naq yngre ba, uvf njxjneqarff nobhg pbasebagvat gurz nsgre... pregnva guvatf ur qvq naq gur nohaqnapr bs rkphfrf gunaxf gb genqvgvbany CCP birejbexvat yrq uvz gb whfg... abg pnyy be ivfvg gurz. Ur unfa'g frra gurz sbe gjb lrnef (spoilers for future arc). Also, PPC in rot13 is CCP. Interesting.

Kiruko and Kuro hail from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, but since they actually have well-defined family and backstory there, I think they're close enough. In their case, whenever they want to pay their parents a visit they just punch in the time period they think their parents should be at, use the D.O.R.K.S. to age themselves up or down appropriately, and hop through. Their parents have no idea what they're really doing, though, for... reasons.

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