Subject: Well...
Posted on: 2021-03-19 07:14:36 UTC

It was never posted, which is probably for the best given we realized it needed a somewhat serious rewrite not too long after finishing it (lots of fun, but there was accidentally characterization that showed the exact opposite of what was intended for one of the agents in particular and possibly for a second as well; I don't quite remember anymore), but Lily Winterwood and I once wrote a mission that included exactly that! There was a Spock replacement, and a whole lot of...well, it was a Bad Parody mission, so a bunch of the literal interpretations were really quite something.

Anyway, the point: I did a search for "glitter" in that doc, and came up with "[...] Stupock seemed to be bleeding green glitter" and two instances of "glittering green blood" after that. So, well, there you have it. It's unposted, and I don't know if Lily (or anyone else) ever specified the detail in something that is posted, but at minimum you have two PPC authors who intended to roll with the idea that a Vulcan replacement (well, actually, a Vulcan Stu; if the replacement wasn't particularly S(t)u(e)ish I'd expect their blood not to glitter or to glitter only very slightly) would in fact have glittery blood.


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