Subject: Oh! Ah, yes, sorry.
Posted on: 2021-03-19 23:08:29 UTC

I forget sometimes how small and new we are... you would probably have given your sample to the Department of Mary Sue Experiments and Research, but a few years back they merged with the Division of Applied-and-theoretical Multiversal Physics to form DAS - the Department of Analytical Science. We have chemists - four of them, if you count the Materials scientists. I don't really understand what they get up to myself; rocks and artefacts are my limit.

I will be sure to check with Dr. Niamh and Agent Penny to see if either of them can locate your sample; if not, it may have been passed to the Medical Research Division. I'm very interested to see what we can learn from it.

-Agent hS

'Much easier to have them fall through a plothole' indeed... I know some early agents had a whole 'time doesn't pass back home' thing going on, but it's always seemed kind of unwieldy... with Agent Kaitlyn, I think I pulled the "Tell mom it's a school" trick, whereas Constance's dad knew full well what he was sending her into. I think they miiight be the only young World One teens on my books? In general, my teen-recruit agents either come from highly dysfunctional families (Steve, Dassie), have absolutely nothing to tie them to their home (Nyx), or simply can't get back (Blue, Tango, Imbolc, Narto). But mostly the first two - where being in HQ is unequivocally better for them.


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