Subject: Alright, hat is on.
Posted on: 2021-04-11 00:06:57 UTC

Right away, I'm going to have to say Permission denied. Your agent bios look fine, but like the other commenters mentioned, your prompts are much too short and undetailed to really get a feel for how your characters would interact at length. I don't have a way to really compare the agents depicted in your prompts to the ones you tell me about in the bios.

Additionally, despite the short length, it took me far too long to get through the writing samples because of excessively long paragraphs; line breaks are your friends.

The tone also felt a bit... flat? Because of the shortness of the prompts, you had to resort to a lot of telling and not showing, so those paragraphs feel like a choppy laundry list of things happening rather than describing the scene.

The characters themselves look solid, and you have a good handle on SPaG, so just rewrite your prompts and I think you'll be okay.

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