Subject: I don't think we have.
Posted on: 2021-06-20 15:23:12 UTC

Sure, Huinesoron has a few PPC-themed short films on his YouTube channel, and the A/V Division has a "movie with trailer" gimmick going for them, but a full-length movie with acting and stuff – which is what you're proposing – is something I don't think has been done.

...for a reason, of course. The PPC is notoriously bad at organizing around stuff. The Undertale AU? Barely anyone spared it a glance. That Ace Attorney style fangame? No dice. (The fact that both of these projects were suggested by me is completely irrelevant to the conversation.) That being said, we could probably get a screenplay out – we are writers, after all. But a full-length movie might be a little out of our reach.

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