Subject: Nah, you want a forest setting.
Posted on: 2021-06-22 07:41:52 UTC

Forests are easy; you can find one anywhere in Britain or America. A believable Hogwarts is much harder.*

Well, you could do something in a cathedral over here, but they don't tend to like people running around screaming.*

**Presumably unless they're screaming 'I repent!'.

I'd go for something in the Narnia/LotR vein. If it was being done in Britain I'd find a forest and a ruined castle for the sets - that can be anything from Weathertop to Cair Paravel. (The old Hunt for Gollum fan-film did exactly this; believe me, it's a real shock to actually recognise the castle they used!) I'd have two agents, played by PPC theatre geeks who live close together*** - they can film the HQ scenes without having anyone else around, and even solo location stuff (eg night-time scenes).

***Kaitlyn isn't, otherwise this would all have happened long ago, guaranteed.

Then I'd have a one-day Gathering for as many people as could come, to be the extras. Canon characters, a Suvian, potentially other agents. Mostly seen in the background on location shots - this helps avoid the whole 'shoddy costumes' issue, by never actually bringing them into focus! (I would use artistic license and let the agents run around in uniform - black shirts and jeans are easy enough to do.) Even for the charging sequence, I'd have the camera out of alignment - maybe we see the Suvian's feet, but nothing detailed. Have it all planned thoroughly in advance so you can get away with only one day of shooting. (Ideally the Suvian would be played be someone relatively local to the agents, so that reshoots were possible if absolutely necessary.)

If a suitable location could be found, I'd also want an HQ scene - maybe the Cafeteria? That lets all the extras actually show their faces in civvies, which would be nice. But 'big grey cafe' might be a bit of an ask.

Actually, this would work really well with Jay and Acacia as the stars. Flake with a camera, etcetera.

"--eck it out, Acy! It's like a camcorder, but it's also a phone! And it can get on AOL!"

"Don't call me Acy."

"Seriously, that's what you reply to? You're on video, say something dramatic!"

"I'll dramatic you in a--"


"-- omigosh I'm gonna film the mission!"


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