Subject: I think it could possibly work.
Posted on: 2021-06-21 18:27:10 UTC

Found footage gives you a lot of leeway in mistakes (though the most effective found footage is still done in the hands of people who, well, know what they're doing! While The Office is not found footage, it's definitely shot by people who are skilled cinematographers; there's a certain trick to making the footage understandable to the audience and utilising good framing techniques while making it look like it's shot by amateurs.) and the dip in quality on an iPhone camera is not only forgiven, but anticipated. Sound recording could easily be done separately—the point of a clapperboard is to give editors the ability to match sound to footage.

Honestly, the picture quality on smartphone cameras has been getting better; I shot two pandemic projects on my iPhone, and a film that we actually watched/discussed in class—Tangerine—was shot on iPhone 5Ses, though IIRC they used a special filming app for better capture rates.

I think something maybe done in the form of an agent's video diary might work (and actually contribute to the comedy of the piece); the main issues in that case would be actors, location, and food. Especially if we were to hypothetically do a video diary format, that would mean long takes—though, again, depending on how the actor(s) fumble their lines, it could be excused as, well, how normal people talk when they're not delivering lines for a more traditional film.

Editing would also be saved a lot of time; colour correction would be minimal (probably just balancing any skin tones that look out of whack under ambient lighting) and sound can easily filter out ambient noise.

Actually, the more I think about it, the more viable this seems. I'm kinda intrigued by the possibility, now.

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