Subject: So, okay - a documentary?
Posted on: 2021-06-24 14:32:49 UTC

The story is a mission that went wrong, or at least weird. The agents refuse to talk, so the Multiverse Monitor team are chasing down anyone even remotely connected to it to find out what happened. Some people they have actual office/RC interviews with, some they chase down corridors, some they ambush in the field.

You have the reporters entirely off-screen for the interviews: they're voice-tracks, to which the rest of the cast respond. That lets people film their parts at leisure, with the reporters able to be re-recorded to fit if necessary. You can intercut with Agent Starwind (or whoever) doing pieces-to-camera; these could actually be badly greenscreened! Like, she's standing in front of a clip from the LotR movies pretending to be in the Shire, but then the scene changes without her realising.

This still has issues, but is more and more doable; it's also less and less a movie! I mean, the style exists, but it's not exactly common, and it means the action isn't just offscreen, but explicitly in the past. But with some very tight writing - almost as a mystery show - it could work.


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