Subject: Utterly OT: DoSAT, please help me out. :-/
Posted on: 2021-10-16 16:45:56 UTC

My phone has picked up a really weird issue with displaying symbols the last couple of weeks - so weird that I don't know how to describe it in order to get useful search results. So since I know we've got a decent techie contingent here, I thought I'd try asking.

This is what Twitter looks like right now:

No Comment/Like/Retweet symbols. The symbol for making a post is gone. Emojis are mostly gone, but leave random bits - this is what I screencapped, so you can see things like the fish eyes and most of the yacht are still there. Faces show up as yellow circles or not at all; red flags just show the flagpole; the poop emoji (Twitter is classy) showed only the face, not the background.

And no, it's not just Twitter. Search icons are vanishing - here's Wikipedia, with the search invisible in the top bar. Wikipedia has also lost the drop-down arrows for opening sections. Some mobile game adverts turn the X to close them invisible. Stuff like that.

I would really love to know what's going on, and, ideally, how I can make it stop. :-/


(The Board, so far as I can tell, is fine. The Wiki has a blank yellow bar across the top.)

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