Subject: So here's where we're at:
Posted on: 2021-10-22 08:01:15 UTC

Steps 1 & 2 followed - no change (though lots of re-accepting terms and conditions). Step 3 not strictly follow-able, but I wiped the data on various Google services. No change.

Step 4: Chrome was up to date. Uninstalling updates makes it work properly. Reinstalling them breaks it again. So for now, I've just turned off auto-updates. I'll reinstall them in a month and see if they've fixed it yet.

Given that I still think it's also affecting close buttons on ads in games, my best guess is that there's some sort of image handler which has broken, which older versions of Chrome didn't call on. But I could be miles off.

Given that it's currently working, I'll hold off on Recovery Mode for now, but keep it on file for Next Time.



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