Subject: What might help dislodge this, off the top of my head
Posted on: 2021-10-20 03:09:10 UTC

Between each of these, reboot the phone just to be safe

1) Clear Chrome's cache (this'll likely be under Settings -> [Apps] -> [selecting Chrome])

2) Clearing Chrome's user data (same place)

3) Scanning for any sort of "system web view" in the apps list (that was a thing in older Android) and doing steps 1 and 2 to its entry

4) Opening up Chrome's entry in the Play Store. If there're any updates, install them. If not, there might be a thing that lets you uninstall updates (depending on how your phone is) or to uninstall Chrome entirely.

5) Failing all that, finding out how to get your phone into recovery mode and wiping the cache partition. Note: it's important to just wipe the caches, as wiping any other partition will partially or totally reset your phone.

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