Subject: No, it does not. XD
Posted on: 2021-10-24 10:08:09 UTC

First up, I don't know if you've tried to do anything different with Dark Mode, but (whether logged in or not) that one looks like this:

(The one difference: when logged out, the side-bar is yellow, not black.)

Going back to Light Mode, while logged out, it looks like this:

Which is how you want it to look, right? It hasn't even chopped the top off! But when I log in, it turns into this:

Which is indeed your "reality" version.


When I then switch to Dark Mode and back to Light - still logged in - it goes back to this:

And seems to have stayed fixed when I closed the tab and reopened! Is there, uh, any possibility you just have the wrong version cached? ^_^;

(In all modes, the header is fixed in place at the top of the screen, while the content scrolls in front of it. It's not immediately obvious, because it does move up and down with the page to accomodate the top ad.)


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