Subject: ✨Adoptable OCs✨ – AU versions of my agents (read post for details)
Posted on: 2022-01-02 10:14:27 UTC

On a whim, I decided to imagine Guyatchi and Momotchi as Tolkienian elves, and since I don't trust my own ability to actually write their AU selves, they're up for adoption as OCs. Aside from the designs, they have no info whatsoever; the adopter is free to fill in the blanks.

I only request that anyone wishing to adopt characters/minis written by me or writing stories featuring my agents not post their creations on AO3, Wattpad, LiveJournal and Dreamwidth – I have been harassed on 3 of these sites, let's not open another wound. I also request that stories featuring characters written by me not include direct links to any of my accounts.

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