Subject: Some plausible backstories.
Posted on: 2022-01-02 17:16:12 UTC

(Not adopting - I have more than enough grumpy elves already! But I enjoy this sort of thing, and people might feel like borrowing aspects of it.)

I think #1 (Kayuga?) is clearly of the Third Age; the autumn theme makes that obvious, and his costume's not really warlike enough for the earlier ages anyway. He's probably from Rivendell; he's a bit too finely/non-naturalistically dressed for Lorien or the Greenwood.

My feel is that he was born in Lindon in the Second Age, of Noldo or Sinda lineage. He may have been part of Elrond's party that established Imladris, but in any event he moved there before the Third Age began. He could be part of a wandering company (like Gildor's early in Fellowship), or just hang out in the Hall of Fire listening to the tales. (The Third Age is 3000+ years long; he can have done both!)

In contrast, #2 (Momoka?) is clearly a Vanya, one of the Light Elves who never left Valinor. I think she's quite young - she doesn't remember the Two Trees herself, and might not even have been born at the change in the World and the end of the Second Age. She's lived most or all of her life in a Blessed Realm utterly separated from the mundane, and it shows in her personality.

So how did they meet? No Vanya would travel to Middle-earth, and no exile would return to Valinor proper. Kayuga would have come back to Tol Eressea... and I think that's where they met.

Picture Momoka as a bright-eyed traveller, exploring every corner of Valinor while her family is content to stay in Valimar of the bells. She befriends Noldor in Tirion, and Falmari (we don't say Teleri, it's rude) in Alqualonde, and even visits the ruins of Formenos from the bad old days. Finally, there's nowhere else to go...

... except east. She hitches a ride on a swanship and makes her landing on Eressea. Here, at last, is a whole new culture to learn about - three or four cultures, in fact, because the Noldor, Sindar, and Nandor aren't exactly integrated! And there she meets... Kayuga, who has just stepped off the boat from Middle-earth and isn't at all convinced by any of this.

As for names... what do their names translate to? Kayuga would have a Sindarin name, Momoka's would be (Vanyarin) Quenya, but she probably also speaks Telerin. That means they can juuust about communicate at first, with Kayuga knowing a bit of book-Quenya and Momoka getting about a third of what he says in Sindarin. But they won't translate their names, naturally.

One name I can do is Kayuga's epesse/aftername/nickname, 'stiff-faced'. Amazingly, there is a Sindarin word for 'stiff' in exactly this sense: "tarlang" means "stiff-necked", and was applied to particularly stubborn men. Kayuga's epesse would thus be Tarthir (as in caran-thir, red-faced). He'd probably use it after his birth name, but could use it alone if he wanted.

(I suspect both of them would actually have two birth-names: a regular one from their fathers, and a more meaningful/slightly prophetic one from their mothers. Most elves only used one of these in daily life.)

That was fun. ^_^


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