Subject: For this version, that's his father.
Posted on: 2022-01-03 11:52:08 UTC

He was a minor member of the House of the Golden Flower, a follower of Glorfindel, and one of the exiles who escaped the city. He witnessed the death of his lord to the Balrog, and finally made it down to the Havens of Sirion. There he met a Sindarin woman of Doriath, also a refugee, and ultimately married her.

Tarthir is thus what people term a 'havenborn' - a child of a marriage between refugees in the last stages of the War of the Jewels. They're not uncommon in Second Age Lindon. (He wasn't actually born in the havens, so in a sense it's a misnomer.)

His father-name, Lissuin, is a memorial of the flower of his House. And the stories his father told him, about the mighty half-Vanyarin Balrog slayer with golden hair, are part of why he took up with the young Vanya when he reached Eressea.

The other bit of character development that springs out of this is that both his parents have similar past trauma. They both lived in 100% safe kingdoms within impassable barriers - and both were breached and destroyed. They carried that with them the rest of their days.

(It also explains why he hangs out at Rivendell: Elrond is the heir of both Gondolin and Doriath, and THE Glorfindel lives there too...!)

Givee me a day or two and I can write this up as a single coherent profile, rather than a scatter of thoughts.


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