Subject: I have a new story, and I promise I won't wander off before it's finished this time
Posted on: 2022-01-03 23:35:45 UTC

...yeah. I think that post title says most of it.

Basically, what happened is that The Magnus Archives had a massive car crash inside my head with various other horror and paranormal stories I like (most notably, Jujutsu Kaisen and hints of the SCP Foundation), as well as a lot of old story ideas I haven't used in longform projects for various reasons. The resulting story is... not the most original thing in the world, but it's been well-received on the Discord so far, so I figured I'd share it here as well. It's a paranormal story with strong horror elements, and it's pretty Blacklist-heavy, but I'll put warnings before each chapter. The premise can be summed up as "everyman protagonist joins a secret organization keeping peace between the human and supernatural world", and I know there are a million stories with that exact premise. But on one hand, this is basically about extremely tired, overworked weirdos with various unpleasant body horror-y superpowers running around fighting extremely freaky things, and on the other hand, it's less a straightforward narrative and more a branching anthology with various perspectives and different formats (narratives, case files, mission reports, bulletins, you get me). There are two or three protagonists, but I've been more inspired by various shared horror/fantasy universes as well as TMA for the most part, so this is going to be... different. And fun, hopefully.

You can access the story here. [EDIT: I've updated the link here, so it will direct you to the current home of this story on WordPress, rather than the Wattpad one. You can still find it on Wattpad if you really want to in the previous version of this post, but I'd appreciate it if you used the WordPress link instead. It's where the regular updates are happening, so I figured it would be easier for everyone involved to give the link where you can find out all of the currently-available story, rather than a version I only plan on updating sporadically.]

Warnings are as follows: - chapter 1: body horror, BL2 from the PPC blacklist, lots of swearing; - chapter 2: body horror, more BL2, swearing; - chapter 3: body horror, heavy BL2, eyes being hurt, two brief fire-related injury mentions, and general disturbing things involving decay and dissociation.

Chapter 3 is my favorite so far, but I would like to hear any and all feedback. I worked very hard on this. Damian from this very community did the beta work on all three chapters, and he also worked hard on it. So. Y'know. I'd love it if you horror-reading folks checked this out.

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